Sunday, December 18, 2011

Technical Books I Read This Year

Finally, the moment you've all been waiting for: a complete and centralized list of all the technical books I've read this year. And just in time for those doing last minute shopping for me. I didn't rank them, since whether or not a book is good depends upon what you want from it. Troelson's C# books give you a lot of breadth, but not a lot of depth. Skeet's go into great detail about the problems different components of C# are meant to solve, but sometimes you just need some examples to get going.

This list doesn't include anything I read to pass Microsoft exams (which was mostly just the 'training kits' Microsoft publishes anyway). It also doesn't include all the other books I read, from Middlemarch to Proficient Motorcycling. I'm sure these had some impact on my thinking about software development, but I had to stop somewhere.

-Passionate Programmer, Chad Fowler
-Pragmatic Programmer, Andy Hunt and David Thomas
-Seven Languages in Seven Weeks, Bruce Tate

-Database Refactoring, Scott Ambler and Pramod Sadalage
-SQL Antipatterns, Bill Karwin
-Mastering SQL Server Profiler, Brad McGehee
-Brad's Sure Guide to SQL Server Maintenance Plans, Brad McGehee
-How to Become an Exceptional DBA, Brad McGehee
-SQL Server Team-Based Development, Mladen Prajdic, Grant Fritchey, Alex Kuznetsov, and Phil Factor
-SQL Server Statistics, Holger Schmeling
-SQL Tuning, Dan Tow

-C# In Depth, Jon Skeet
-Pro C#, Andrew Troelson
-Silverlight 4 in C#, Robert Lair

Somewhat Random:
-At Home, Bill Bryson
-Readings in the Philosophy of Technology, David Kaplan
-Godel's Proof, Ernest Nagel and James Newman
-Learned Optimism, Martin Seligman

Books for 2012:
-The Mythical Man-Month, Fred Brooks
-The Art of SQL, St├ęphane Faroult
-Kimball's Data Warehouse books
-The Visual Representation of Quantitative Data, Edward Tufte

And, of course, the training kits for the exams on WCF, ADO.NET, SQL BI, and perhaps something for SQL 2012.

Read any books worth sharing this year?

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